A special message from high-yield dividend specialist Stephen Bland

"I haven’t got a clue

where the FTSE is going…

…and I couldn’t care less!"

(But I know a PROVEN way you could make money from the markets for the rest of your life)

Stephen Bland

Stephen Bland

I know a proven way you could make money from the markets for the rest of your life.

It can be so devastatingly effective that no broker, IFA or fund manager would want you to know it even exists.

It’s something I call the ‘High Yield Portfolio’ (HYP) strategy and it almost guarantees you’ll earn a good income from the markets – no matter how messy the FTSE gets.

There’s no stress involved, no complicated computer programs to load up, no impossibly advanced analysis to get your head round.

And you could use it to generate a substantial income stream forever.

If you like the idea of retiring rich, then let me show you how this works – and why it’s been proven to get results.

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During my 30+ years in the world of investing, I’ve lost count of how many times people have asked me about the best way to build wealth that will last for the long run.

My answer has always been the same:

Buy shares that regularly PAY YOU to invest.

In short: buy shares that pay good dividends.

As you know, a dividend is a payment you receive, typically twice a year, simply for holding a particular share.

As one fund manager put it, they are a….

“very successful method of accumulating wealth”

Stuart Rhodes, Fund Manager of the M&G Global Dividend Fund

Many people think dividends just aren’t ‘glamorous’ or ‘racy’ enough to bother with…

But the simple fact is: by their very nature, dividends pay. 


  • YOU COLLECT LARGE PAYOUTS: More often than not, they’ll pay you more money than any other share on the markets. It goes without saying that this is good for you, because you collect more money, more often.

  • YOU CAN DEPEND ON THEM: In my view, they’re the most reliable, meaning they’re much less likely to be cut or suspended. And they’ll still pay – no matter what happens to the FTSE

  • YOU CAN EXPECT THEM TO GROW: As I’ve said, dividend growth is important – you want to collect more money year on year. I only pick the shares I believe have the potential to keep growing. So set these special income streams up today, and in 10, 15 or 20 years’ time you could be banking some very large payouts.

I’m not the only one who recognises the huge potential in good dividend payers.

As John D Rockefeller, one of the richest men in the world, once said…

“Do you know the only thing in life that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends come in”

Rockefeller more than understood the crucial role dividends play when it comes to profitable investing.

And how about Jim Jubak, from MSN money…

“Dividends are always King, whatever the prevailing market climate”

Truthfully, ALL dividends are worth collecting…

But the HYP – or ‘High Yield Portfolio’ – strategy goes further than that…

It relies on a very special type of dividend

One that’s much rarer and smarter than your average dividend payout…one that is much more consistent…one that delivers MUCH more income to you – year after year.

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Time to start getting paid

I’ve spent decades researching and developing this strategy.

When I was ready to put it to the test, I launched my first HYP investment portfolio. That was back in November 2002.

The results were impressive. In just 14 years, the original £75,000 yielded £56,541 in dividends.

Seeing how effective it was over those first 14 years convinced me to start an investment newsletter.

I wanted to show my readers just how lucrative this way of investing can be. So in March 2008, I launched The Dividend Letter.

Its aim is to help you build a portfolio of the biggest, most reliable dividend shares that will provide a stream of income for life.

In it, I recommend what I think are the best dividend stocks in the UK – sending all my research, analysis and commentary directly to you.

Get rich slowly

The Dividend Letter isn’t your usual investment newsletter. It doesn’t rely on hype or ‘the next big thing.’

Put simply, it helps you employ the most sensible strategy for wealth accumulation through shares.

Once you’ve built your dividend portfolio, there’s not much else you need to do.

A good investor always stays informed. But equally, you don’t want to be spending hours researching everything – I’m sure you’ve got better things to do.

That’s why I’ll write to you with weekly updates on our shares, including any important news you need to know.

Take a look at what some of my current readers have to say about my service:


“It removes all of the financial guff that would otherwise make my eyes glaze over… the analysis is always well reasoned and gives me confidence that these are always solid well studied recommendations.”
– Richard Ainsworth, Nottingham



 “TDL seems a sensible strategy and is backed-up by good evidence of performance- it’s a pleasure to be free of the worry of stock-picking; the false dichotomy of ‘value’ versus ‘growth'; hot tips and even hotter air; the manic trading of sweaty colleagues. I get a quiet life! Many thanks Stephen.” – The Dividend Letter reader Phil Smith, Dorchester

So…how much does a subscription to The Dividend Letter cost?

It normally costs £159 for a year.

But for new members like you, I’ve put together a special discount rate of just £99 for the first year of your subscription! 

That works out at just £8.25 a month to learn about some of the most profitable investments on the UK stock market.

Here’s the great thing: if you decide in those 60 days that The Dividend Letter is not for you, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

Remember: The Dividend Letter reveals a proven way you can make money from the markets for the rest of your life.

So if you like the idea of retiring rich, start your 60 day free trial now.